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MONUMENTAL 9: Training “Every Monument has its own story” Open Call for Participants


If you are active young person interested in making new touristic products/routs and offers/; If you are keen to culture, history, gastronomy and amazed with WW II Monuments design - you should  apply for the 4 day training in Prijedor and get the opportunity to develop Monumental 9 project with partner organizations. Local Democracy Agency Montengro along with partners: LDA Mostar, LDA Kosovo, LDA Zavidovici, LDA Prijedor, LDA Knjazevac, LDA Subotica & ALDA Skopje  is developing new touristic products using greeter concept and modern approaches in order  to increase youth employment and income generating activities through engaging micro-localities. The project is [...]

MONUMENTAL 9: Training “Every Monument has its own story” Open Call for Participants2020-01-16T16:56:03+01:00

Clink: Poetry – Steel -Art


Is there anything in common that you can find for poetry, art and iron and steel? Well, Clink project brought these things together in Niksic, Montenegro. There is very unique enterprise in Niksic - Institute for steel metallurgy that supports local community and nourishes its social responsibility through support to artists by providing them ateliers within its facility complex. More than 20 artists create under the roof of this company for many years. One of them is Milena Krivokapic, painter who joined our Clink activities. She and the Institute management wanted to give tribute to famous local poet Vito Nikolic by [...]

Clink: Poetry – Steel -Art2019-11-20T09:29:36+01:00

IMPACT: To shine in dark times


Good vibes continue to spread within IMPACT project activities - Second local workshop gathered refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey in  kitchen of a Centre for Asylum Seekers in Spuž to paint and express what they feel they need to leave on blank papers in front of them. The participants were very eager to feel the brushes slide on canvas and play with colours and meet the members of LDA team and artists. Language was not an obstacle to communicate and share. Atmosphere was chatty and the room was a full of many languages. Motives of their drawing were nostalgic [...]

IMPACT: To shine in dark times2019-10-22T13:43:29+01:00

“Balkans Youth for Europe”: Second training session successfully completed


The second training "Sharing the experience - expanding the thematic work program of the network" within the project "Youth of the Balkans for Europe" ended in Knjazevac on September 12. This three-day event was attended by 30 participants from 14 organizations, including representatives of Local Democracy Agencies , which is one of the founders of the Balkan Network for Local Democracy. The trainings were held from monitoring and evaluation of public policies, evidence based local advocacy, local budgeting and youth policies. The acquired knowledge is very important in the further process of monitoring the accession to the European Union, because [...]

“Balkans Youth for Europe”: Second training session successfully completed2019-09-20T12:09:16+01:00

CLINK: Cultural heritage as a source of urban regeneration


The second international event of the CLINK - Cultural heritage linking diversities in Europe project was held on September 13, 2019 in Knjazevac. This meeting brought together partners who exchanged experiences, a diverse body of ideas, all with a view to more sustainable use of cultural heritage for the social and economic flourishing of the community. The representative of the Agency for Local Democracy, Ana Milovic Jasikovac, in her presentation "Old ways -New days", gave a vivid example of the sustainability of preserving old craftsmanship techniques and traditional crafts, through modern entrepreneurship principles, focused on vulnerable social categories. On that [...]

CLINK: Cultural heritage as a source of urban regeneration2019-09-20T11:57:31+01:00

Co.Co.Tour: Second consortium meeting in Tirana


The Local Democracy Agency team was a participant in the Second Meeting of the Consortium, held on February 12, 2019 in Tirana. The event was organized by the Albanian Development Fund, the main partner of the Co.Co.Tour project, attended by five of the six partners, as well as representatives of the associated partner, the National Protected Areas Agency, while for objective reasons, the representative of Herceg Novi. How to improve communication, achieve project results, address pre-financing with a view to more effectively implementing the activities of the Action Plan for the current period were just some of the topics discussed [...]

Co.Co.Tour: Second consortium meeting in Tirana2019-09-20T11:43:09+01:00

IMPACT: The first “Kick off” meeting in Novo Mesto


The official implementation of the IMPACT - Inclusion Matters! Using Performing Arts towards Cohesion and Tolerance project began with the first Kick of Meeting in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, held from April 9 to April 11, 2019. Representatives of the Local Agency Democracy attended this event together with other partners from the European Union and the Western Balkans, with the aim of ensuring successful implementation of project activities and results through mutual coordination. locally, nationally and internationally, to strengthen the impact of the project. This project will contribute to the promotion of social inclusion through the development of active citizen participation, [...]

IMPACT: The first “Kick off” meeting in Novo Mesto2019-09-20T11:31:06+01:00

Co.Co.Tour: Trikaze Partner Meeting


The Local Democracy Agency attended the Cross-border Meeting of the Partners of the Co.Co.Tour Project, held from April 17 to 19, 2019 in Trikaze, Italy. One of the main pillars of the project, discussed during the three-day work sessions, was the principle of accessibility. The hosts from Trikaze also hired an accessibility expert who explained to the partners the concept of accessibility, emphasizing that accessibility for people with disabilities is not only an imperative for respect for human rights, but also an opportunity for business development. Event organizers are the Magna Grecia Mare Association and In addition to partners from [...]

Co.Co.Tour: Trikaze Partner Meeting2019-09-20T11:10:12+01:00

Balkan Youth for Europe: ” Local monitoring of reforms – good practice becomes our practice ”


Agency for Local Democracy Niksic organized a roundtable "Local Monitoring of Reforms - Good Practice Becomes Our Practice", March 29, 2019, at the Tehnopolis Innovation and Entrepreneurial Center, as one of the activities under the "Youth of the Balkans for Europe" project. " The Youth of the Balkans for Europe project "is an initiative of 14 Western Balkan organizations, with the aim of empowering youth organizations and making them aware of the accession process to the European Union, with an emphasis on negotiation chapters 19, 23 and 24. Also, one of the goals is to familiarize citizens with the processes [...]

Balkan Youth for Europe: ” Local monitoring of reforms – good practice becomes our practice ”2019-09-20T10:57:52+01:00

Balkan Network for Local Democracy established in Skopje


ALD Niksic, participated in the international conference "Partnership, the Key to Local Democracy" - rethinking the cooperation of local authorities and civil society organizations in the organization of the ALDA and the Central European Initiative, held on 11 and 12 June in Skopje, Northern Macedonia. On the second day of this international event, the Balkan Network for Local Democracy (BNLD) took the first official step towards registering the network. ALDA, LDA offices in the Western Balkans and ALDA Skopje held the BNLD Constituent General Assembly. The network will be registered in Northern Macedonia and ALDA Skopje will be its headquarters. [...]

Balkan Network for Local Democracy established in Skopje2019-09-20T10:37:54+01:00