Is there anything in common that you can find for poetry, art and iron and steel? Well, Clink project brought these things together in Niksic, Montenegro.

There is very unique enterprise in Niksic – Institute for steel metallurgy that supports local community and nourishes its social responsibility through support to artists by providing them ateliers within its facility complex. More than 20 artists create under the roof of this company for many years.

One of them is Milena Krivokapic, painter who joined our Clink activities. She and the Institute management wanted to give tribute to famous local poet Vito Nikolic by creating large mural with his portrait at the entrance of this company. LDA MNE supported this extraordinary idea of promotion of local cultural heritage trough Clink project.

Importance of this poet’s life and work to Niksic and Montenegro is huge. His poetry is often compared to Sergey Yesenin and his bohemian life was full of witty anecdotes.  City of Niksic established annual poetry award of Vito Nikolic. His poems are inspiration for the many generations of poets, musicians and other artists. Orphan and with weak health he lived authentic bohemian life of poet and journalist. He was part of the minority that stood up against war in former Yugoslavia in 1991. paying the price by losing his job as journalist. He publishing poem Noc nad Dubrovnikom / Night above Dubrovnik where he expressed deepest sorrow for the devastation of this old city by his fellow citizens.

LDA MNE supported organization of ceremony of mural uncovering and gathered community, media and institutions to give special tribute to its famous poet. Youth Volunteering Club of NGO Alfa centre, Literature club “Poenta Poetica”, Music school Dara Cokorilo and volunteers of our youth service InfoPoint Niksic gave special contribution to this event by preparing recital night of Vito’s poems.

Thanks to the Municipality of Niksic the event had its place in city’s monthly culture programme and full support of the Public Institution Museums and Galleries Niksic. Joint exhibition of artist that create at the Institute was culmination of the night presenting from now on permanent setting of more than 30 pieces of art in the hol of the Institute for steel metallurgy .

Project Clink contributed development of cooperation with many stakeholders that are proud to promote and protect local cultural heritage that deserves its place on European rich cultural tapestry and made all of us aware of its value.