CO.CO. TOUR – Affirmation of universal cultural values

The third Co.Co. Tour Partners meeting  as well as the Steering Committee were held on July 31 and August 1, 2019 in Herceg Novi. The event is organised by the Local Democracy Agency, in partnership with the Municipality of Herceg Novi.

Andric House – Communication of cultural values

-Herceg Novi has the specialty that the only Nobel laureate in our region, writer Ivo Andric, lived in it. He chose this city as his home and the only place where he would build a house for his turbulent life.This facility has been neglected for years, which is why the Municipality has been seriously devoting itself to revitalizing and bringing it to use for the past two years. Thanks to the Co.Co.Tour project, Ivo Andric’s House is turning into a place of communication of cultural values, said Mayor of Herceg Novi Municipality, Mr.Stevan Katic.

Simonida Kordic, from Office of European Integration, pointed that construction works on Andric’s house will be finished in November.

-After that, there are other tasks related to equipping the exhibition space, interactive space and, of course, program activities related to the further functioning of this project, Kordic said.

The purpose  of the Co.Co.Tour project is to preserve, enhance, promote the natural and cultural heritage of coastal communities through the development of a cross-border model and network of eco-museums and community museums with smart, sustainable, tourism management, and in accordance with that, representative of Lead partner, Mr. Endri Teta noted that it was of great importance to set up a successful eco-museum model in three countries, which would serve as an example to other countries.

Third Consortium Meeting and First Steering Committee

The first part of the agenda was dedicated to the evaluation of activities and outcomes of the Co.Co.Tour project by Lead Partner, while the second part of the meeting focused on discussion on critical points, taking into account the minor obstacles that struck the partners, which led to a delay in the project: the administrative change of the main partner and the tornado in Trikaze. The agenda of First Steering Committee was dedicated to a successful discussion about future plans for implementation the project’s outputs.

After the meeting, the Municipality of Herceg Novi organized a visit to the home of Ivo Andrić, which is in the reconstruction phase, and in the continuation of the tour, the Partners had the opportunity to attend the official presentation of the results of another IPA project, in the form of a screening of the film, held at the Kanli tower.