Online meeting of partners on the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs project was held on 22 June. The next activities of the Agency for Local Democracy as the only partner from Montenegro are the presentations of this useful program of exchange of knowledge and skills to potential users – July 7th  at the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Podgorica and July 15th at IPC Tehnopolis, Niksic. The event in  Bijelo Polje has been postponed, but the Agency is working together with the Municipal Secretariat for Entrepreneurship to ensure that this event is still organized.

We invite all interested  persons with a business idea or with a start-up business to join this program.

For more information contact us via e-mail:

Participation in the project provides a unique opportunity for all interested new or potential entrepreneurs to learn from experienced entrepreneurs about running a business, through work and residence in one of the participating countries: 26 EU countries, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine.

The program covers the costs of new entrepreneurs staying with mentors in a monthly amount of 500 to 1000 euros, depending on the country In which the new entrepreneur resides, and due to the Covid19 pandemic, online realization of activities and exchanges is enabled.

The project partners are: Agency for Local Democracy Nikšić, Confartigianato Servizi (Italy), Agency for Development of EDA (Banja Luka), National Center for Development Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Northern Macedonia), Association for Information and Communication Technologies (Kosovo), Entrepreneurship Teaching Initiative (Austria), Construction Materials Manufacturers Association (Turkey).