Good vibes continue to spread within IMPACT project activities – Second local workshop gathered refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey in  kitchen of a Centre for Asylum Seekers in Spuž to paint and express what they feel they need to leave on blank papers in front of them.

The participants were very eager to feel the brushes slide on canvas and play with colours and meet the members of LDA team and artists.

Language was not an obstacle to communicate and share. Atmosphere was chatty and the room was a full of many languages. Motives of their drawing were nostalgic depicting homeland famous landmarks or shaking story of losses.

The workshop left us all in pleasant mood with hope that we will touch each other’s lives once the bad times end as well as wondering if there is end to the suffering of millions.

Good cooperation with the Centre for Asylum Seekers in Spuž continues and LDA MNE appreciates their efforts and open door for our team.