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Cooperazione Montenegro

The general objective of the project is to contribute to local development in order to improve the living conditions of people through interventions in the area of social and health development by improvement structures of information and education for social inclusion and implementation of initiatives aimed at promotion of the integration. The project envisages an integrated program of interventions that are priority of regional program and meeting the needs that had been formulated by the local community and they concern, first of all, young people and families. The project has intersectoral character, acting on three priority regional programs: local development in social - health area, education - training of social workers and strengthening of cross-cultural connections.

The first action in the project concerns counseling for young people in the medical center in Tivat. Interventions will aim at improving the use of resources and the installation of lift in the department of pediatrics, to primarily enable easier access to persons with disabilities. The second action, "Education and Development", will be coordinated by the LDA from Niksic and it predicts two interventions. The first intervention will concern the development of territorial social services and preventive education campaign that will be focused on the area of Kotor and will include the Municipality and the Department for the prevention of drug abuse and risky behavior of young in Psychiatric Hospital Kotor. With the support of the Department of Mental Health from Trieste courses for the exchange of information and methodologies with staff wil be organized, as well as research and monitoring in order to contribute to the development of the service through the realization of multidisciplinary programs for the prevention of risky behavior among children and adolescents, as well as counseling and development activities, promotion healthy lifestyles and volunteer culture. The initiative will contribute implementation of the new Health Care Act of Montenegro. Second intervention includes activities of raising awareness for the social inclusion trough the meetings and workshops in the Central Service LDA Niksic. Within implementation and evaluation of this action there is a need to respond to demands for greater participation of municipalities and to enhance social inclusion, so that we can have balanced local development. Finally, in regard to the empowerment of intercultural relations, according to the principles of the Treaty of Lisbon, on the road to EU, in mind that inter-ethnic distance can pose a serious obstacle to improving economic conditions, such as lack of integration that prevents valorization of potentials in a particular area. Program setting of project is corresponding to the Region FVG, and goes out of the central vision of the type of cooperation aimed at local development and provides valuation factors and self-determination, intervention bottom-up, community associations of third sector and local institutions. Partners in the project: Monfalkone Municipality, Health Center Tivat, Montenegro LDA, Italian Community in Montenegro, Municipality of Kotor, Kotor Psychiatric Hospital, Department of Mental Health in Trieste, the Association of the Local Democracy Agency.


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