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No women no cry

Seminar'' No! Women do not cry! " 05-12. May 2013. Ankara, Turkey Youth members of the Local Democracy Agency participated in the international seminar '' No! Women do not cry!'', which was held from 5th to 12th May 2013th in Ankara, Turkey. The goal of the seminar was that the participants, the young people, find out best ways to promote the culture of their country through traditional costumes, music, paintings, folk dances, as well as through domestic products; food and drink. The main happening of the seminar was the performances that took place on the main square from where was appealed to the public to stop domestic violence. On this occasion, a short film was shot which is available on this web site. The seminar was attended by 35 young people from seven countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania, Italy, Turkey and Montenegro. The project is funded through the "Youth in Action" programme of the European Union, whose basic objective is cultural exchange. The main partner of project is the Municipality Kecioren - Ankara.


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