International youth day will be marked on 12. August, through public performance Youth megaphone. Youth megaphone is an activity that will take place in eight cities across the region, were the project Balkan regional platform for youth participation and dialogue is implemented.

Teams of Youth engagement workers will post a public stand in their cities, and provide the opportunity to youngsters to have they saying. They will be able to do that on two ways: one is to use a megaphone to express their wishes, ideas and remarks regarding youth status in society; second way is to leave a short note and put it in the box that will be posted on the spot of performance.

All the messages formulated on this day will be collected and integrated in one single document and that document will be presented and submitted to local authorities in proper form during Youth Taking over Day.

This activity has two aims: one is symbolical, to show a necessity to provide tools and mechanisms for youngsters to raise their voice and to have opportunity to be active participants in social life; and second aim is that through one non-formal mechanism reach larger number of young people and to gather significant amount of inputs regarding improvement quality of life of young people in communities involved.

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