Representatives of the Local Democracy Agency met with the Mayor of Herceg Novi, Stevan Katic to discuss the progression of realization of the CoCoTour project. The topics were the activities’ time-frame and financial dynamics of the project, the modalities of involving institutions in the concept of the community museum. The meeting was attended by representatives of institutions relevant to the following activities of this project and its future life, Gordana Krcunović on behalf of roof cultural institution Herceg Fest and Jovan Subotić and Simonida Kordić from the Municipal Office for International Cooperation.



CoCoTour  scope is the reconstruction of Nobel Laureate Ivo Andrić’s house, which will be a starting point for the community museum and eco-museum, based on the model that Agency is developing by carefully analyzing the interests of the local community, mapping sites that represent authentic points of interest in light of historical, cultural and natural heritage. Apart from the locations, special attention is paid to the intangible cultural wealth of Herceg Novi, its legends, specialties and the current, but inadequately promoted offer and local life “pearls”.



After visiting the project partners, the Agency’s team held meetings with stakeholders and various touristic actors that will promote and help the valorization of specific touristic product – one of the results of this project. Interactive application of the community museum is currently developed implying creation of touristic routes within this concept rich in story-telling and multimedia content, while nurturing the principles of accessibility.


This was followed by additional research on potential points of interest of the community museum which represents an innovation in this part of the Mediterranean, and places Herceg Novi in ​​the offer with 4 other eco-museums and port museums: Messolonghi and Corfu in Greece, Himara in Albania and Tricase in Italy.



The Co.Co. Tour is co-financed through the Albania-Italy-Montenegro Cross-Border IPA Program and Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro