The Association of Local Democracy Agencies

ALDA , The Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA) was established in 1999. Strasbourg (France) as a network organization of Local Democracy Agencies. Point years has grown into one of the most important European networks in strengthening democracy, human rights and sustainable development at the local level.

ALDA works in two directions:

1 . Field work in South Eastern Europe and Southern Caucasus through a network of 13 Local Democracy Agency:

Croatia (3)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (3)

Serbia (2)

Montenegro (1)

Albania (1)

Kosovo (1)

Georgia (1), and

Armenia (1).

2.  Sharing best practices and raising awareness in collaboration with European partners and members.

ALDA has 146 members from 23 European countries – local and regional authorities, associations of local authorities, associations and individuals.