Monumental 9 starts with  training for young greetes and vloggers

Every monument has its own story 

Did you know that every monument has its own story?  Chosen young people of Balkan just found out  by participating in Monumental 9 Project training that took place in Prijedor from 13th  to 16th February.

The WWII monuments in Balkan area, so called “Spomenik” are well known for their unreal, impressive sci-fi design and attract for many years curios, art-loving and adventurous visitors. They are becoming the ambassadors of Balkan’s cultural tourism with a significant support of Regional Cooperation Council ‘s Tourism programme.

LDA Montenegro together with their 7 partners from Balkan Network for Local Democracy developed Monumental 9 project in order to help create preconditions for new tourism products to increase youth employment and income generating activities.

16 young persons will be involved in this project researching 9 monuments of WW II using innovative approach, vlogging and greeting techniques and rising their own capacities to create new tourism offer and products.

They will create interesting and attractive inputs for the online platform Monumental 9 that will describe micro localities, peculiarities and out of mainstream stories related to the selected 9 monuments across 5 Balkan economies The North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo*, Bosnia and Hezegovina and Montenegro. This will be done through bare practice by visiting these monuments in three separated group – research tours.

The participants will cover areas around and between  monuments feeding the curiosity of future travelers that use the platform with information on natural landscapes, recreation spaces, gourmet delicacies, cultural sites, local crafts culture, local way of living etc.

Let’s wish them luck!

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