Second training of project cycle management skills for NGOs in Montenegro within the project “Local Coalitions for Community Development”

The Municipality of Ulcinj, in Montenegro, was the host of the second meeting and training organised for the eight NGOs – beneficiaries of the sub-granting component, who are now at different implementation stages of their projects in six municipalities. The training coincided with the YOUTH MARATHON organised by NGO Runolist ROZAJE municipality ( ) promoting the local sustainable tourism development in the mountainous area of Montenegro. All the projects were designed to support municipal development strategies as a wider frame for the grass-root NGOs initiated actions to contribute more effectively to their implementation.
The agenda of the training included the presentations and overview of the activities carried out by the sub-grantees with detailed description of specific local context of implementation of actions. Prepared info sheets, video material, photo gallery will serve for furthering the visibility of entire project.
In many ways, effective communication with all the sub-grantees has been maintained while further  technical assistance and support measures agreed individually with each of them. It was also concluded that further communication between the sub-grantees will continue while the exchange of information about the project progress will be kept on regular basis – through communication with the overall project management team members – ALDA Regional Programme Coordinator Stanka Parac and local coordinator Kerim Medjedovic, Delegate of LDA Niksic.
The sub-grantees project portfolio will be soon available on ALDA website and respective Montenegrin official municipal websites.

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