Montenegro has once again demonstrated that it deserved and justified the status of ecological state and that its citizens are active and ecologically conscious.
Campaign “Let’s do it Montenegro” – “Let’s clean Montenegro in a day” took place on 27.5. 2016. In the campaign took part many institutions, companies, NGO’S, school, all in order to clean the public areas.

Campaign “Let’s do it Montenegro” was part of a worldwide movement “Let’s do it”. The campaign was organized by the Association for Democratic Prosperity ADP Zid from Podgorica in cooperation with many other organizations and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, as a partner.
The goal of this year’s campaign was to encourage all citizens of Montenegro, regardless of age and the work they do, and regardless of the origin and of different nationality, to actively participate in the life of their community and to make better relationship with nature. The action aimed to show that with a small contribution, we can make great things possible. Also, the campaign’s goal was to increase understanding of individuals about the need to take part in solving problems in the community, including the challenge of improving the environment, as one of the key and most important problem.
Participants of today’s action have shown that together we can start differently and better, and for the start we can clean our yard, closer environment, we can give an example to the young ones that together we can put in order the area of the ecological state of Montenegro.
“I came as a volunteer and took part in the action in order to support the Youth Club Nikšić and to help to clean the most polluted part of Niksic. This is not my first time to participate in such action, because I want to save our city and to give it back his old glory. I hereby invite all my friends to join on some of the following actions,” said one of the youngest volunteers, for which the others said that she was very hardworking despite her age.
The pieces of paper, plastics around the grounds were all picked up. The surfaces around the fence and the road were all cleaned. Broken branches were gathered. Grass was cut and the garbage clogged holes were cleaned. Everything was cleaned and taken care of at the end of the action.
In each city several locations were cleaned with goal to show that together for one day we can make the city and the state look cleaner and we can try to awake the environmental awareness among people.
We hope that these actions will be organized even more in the near future and that those will result in higher response for the good of us all.

Svetlana Eraković

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