Expecting New Years’ Eve like in the most of the Western world countries for Montenegro is festive and full of songs, decor and euphoria. One can hear all around local version of Christmas carols and Jingle Bells songs. .

LDA Montenegro team decided to bring this atmosphere to the Asylum Seekers Centre in Spuz but in a way that respects the refugees’ traditions and customs following the Impact Project /Inclusion matters!

Lead artist, team member and LDA’s Youth service –InfoPoint Volunteers visited centre and prepared interesting workshop for its beneficiaries on 27th December.


Glitters, colours, scissor, collages were all over the small Centre’s kitchen circling the skilled and unskilled big masculine, gentle famine or small children’s hands. 17 adults and the children enjoyed making greeting cards. Some of them are related to Christmas and New year and some of them followed the traditional secular holyday called NowRouz –New Day celebrated in Iran, Syria, Uzbekistan etc. originally from old Persian culture celebrating the beginning of spring and nature’s entering the new year.

. Workshop led to the great mood, music and dance – temporarily sparkling hope for better tomorrow in 2020 for all of us. But for some people, new year brings uncertainty, struggle and long journeys . We left centre knowing that jingle of bells can easily become their toll.